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Principles for Developing an Academic Calendar

Principles for Developing an Academic Calendar

  • 68 class days per semester, 5 exam days, and 4 reading days prior to exams. Please note: this represents a reduction from 70 to 68 class days in order to provide 4 reading days (2 weekdays plus a weekend) prior to the first day of final exams.
  • 2 day fall break, 3 day Thanksgiving break, 5 day Spring Break.
  • 30 or more days between fall and spring semesters.
  • A minimum of 11 intact weeks of Mon. – Fri. classes in the fall semester, 13 in the spring semester.
  • In those years when the spring semester begins on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, The College will hold a community celebration on Monday afternoon. Monday classes in the 12:30, 2, and 3:30pm time slots would be rescheduled to Wednesday afternoon. Monday morning and evening classes would be held on Monday.
  • Fall semester beginning on a Tuesday up to one calendar week before September 1 in accordance with union agreement, Commencement held on the Friday following the last day of spring semester final exams.

Recommended by the Committee on Planning and Priorities:  April, 2002

Approved by President:  November, 2002