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TCNJ – Leave of Absence & College Withdrawal

The College Leave of Absence & Withdrawal policy has many impacts including academic, financial, and residential housing. 

Please read this page in its entirety.

If you need to take a leave of absence or withdraw from The College of New Jersey, you must review the College Withdrawal Policy.

A leave of absence is a temporary break from the College with the intention to return the following semester. If you are away from the College for two consecutive semesters (Undergraduate) or three consecutive semesters (Graduate), you will need to reapply for admission as a “Re-Entry” or “Re-Admit” student. Please review the Admissions guidelines for returning to TCNJ if you are away longer than the LOA timeframe. If you have applied to graduate from TCNJ and are taking courses at another institution, use the Leave of Absence form.

Withdrawing from the College indicates you do not intend to return to the College. If you are withdrawing due to military activation, please review the Military Withdrawal Policy.

TCNJ – Leave of Absence & Withdrawal Form

If you are a resident student, please anticipate an email from Residential Education and Housing with instructions on moving out.  Generally, you are given 24 hours from the time and date of their email to be completely checked out of your room.

If you are withdrawing due to illness, injury or for psychological reasons and you purchased the Tuition Payment Plan, you will need to file a claim through the Office of Student Accounts.

Please consult the TCNJ Refund and Repayment Policy regarding refunds for withdrawals and how your withdrawal or leave of absence will affect your student loans and the possible financial impact on your student account.

Withdrawing from the College and its Effects on Financial Aid and your Student Account

If you are a financial aid recipient and you withdraw, you may no longer be eligible for all of the financial aid you have received.  The amount of aid you are eligible to receive for the semester depends upon the number of days that you attended, the type of financial aid that you received, and whether or not you received a refund.

If you have any federally funded loans, it will be necessary for you to complete Exit Loan Counseling at If you fail to complete this Exit Loan Counseling, holds may be placed on your records preventing you from registering for classes at TCNJ and for requesting a transcript.

It is highly recommended that if you are considering a withdrawal from the College that you contact the Office of Financial Aid prior to your withdrawal to discuss what impact your withdrawal may have on your current and future financial aid package. Please contact the Office of Student Accounts to discuss the financial impact your withdrawal may have on your account.

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