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Fall Registration

Fall 2014 Registration Appointment Period

Initial Registration Period for Undergraduate and  Graduate Students: Tuesday, April 1 through  Friday, April 11

Your enrollment appointment reflecting the first time you will be eligible   to register for the Fall 2014 semester can be accessed via your PAWS account. To view your scheduled enrollment appointment, visit the Enrollment   Appointment section in the PAWS Student Center.  Once eligible, students remain eligible throughout the registration period. Undergraduate Students who do not register by 11:59pm on Sunday, April 13th, will be subject to a late registration fine.
Graduate students have until 11:59pm on July 15th. The late registration fines are as follows:

Undergraduate: $150  Graduate: $125

•  The Fall and Winter Schedule of Classes is available on PAWS and can be viewed by using the Search for Classes button.

•  Visit the PAWS Help website  for complete information on how to log-in to PAWS using your username and password, search   for classes, browse the Course Catalog, view your Holds, add courses to your   Shopping Cart, and register for classes.

•  Use the Validate feature to check for potential   pre-requisite issues before registration directly from your PAWS Shopping Cart!   For more information on the Validate feature, visit:

• Check PAWS for Holds that will prevent you from  registering. All Hold Flag information can be viewed under the   Holds section in the PAWS Student Center.  Check your account early and frequently for holds

•  Access your Academic Requirements Report on PAWS to view your degree requirements via the My Academics link.

• Make an appointment to see your advisor to discuss your Academic   Requirements Report. Your advisor’s name and email address can be located in   your PAWS Student Center. Visit Advising Resources at for helpful links and information.

•  Double-check call numbers and course sections prior to your  registration appointment for schedule changes and periodic updates.