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The Scheduling Team establishes and enforces college scheduling policies and procedures to ensure each department receives equitable access to college classrooms and facilities.  The services provided by the Scheduling Team include, but are not limited to the following: updating/maintaining academic calendar, finalizing class schedules, managing final exam schedule, and providing accurate class information (on- and off-line). The academic departments  work closely with our scheduling staff on an ongoing basis to offer the best class scheduling options for students.



Guiding Principles for Scheduling Grid:

  • The scheduling grid must support the intensified classroom experience that resulted
    from the transformation of the curriculum.
  • Create additional scheduling blocks while increasing efficiency and use of classroom
  • Provide a structured means to support the “4th hour.”  All activities associated with a “4th
    hour,” will be clearly defined in the course syllabus.
  • Provide an opportunity for interdisciplinary activities and intellectual experiences.
    Maintain campus-wide meeting schedule in support of shared governance.
  • Distribute mealtime traffic by avoiding a common lunch hour.

This policy is effective as of December 2013 and has been approved by CSPP. Responsible unit: Academic Affairs (609)771-3080,

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