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Coronavirus (COVID-19) R&R Forms Updates

As some faculty and students may continue to work remotely for the Fall 2020 semester, the Office of Records and Registration (R&R) will continue to waive signatures on its forms. Students should use the following instructions: Instructions for Submission of pdf Forms along with their department/school guidelines, to download, save, complete, save, and then send forms as email attachments to the appropriate faculty and/or chair for approval. The department/school will provide enrollment information to R&R for processing or the department (chair)/school (associate/assistant dean) email will be used for approval in place of a signature on any R&R form.

If you receive an error message while loading a PDF, your browser may be out of date; however, you are still able to download the PDF, save it to your computer and fill out the form.

Can’t fill out or save PDF forms

Title Description Signature(s)
Application for Ungraded Option  

Students may apply for the Ungraded Option for Summer and/or Fall 2020 using this form. Please download and save the form to your desktop. Complete the form and type your name in the signature box, save, and then send the form as an email attachment to Your evaluator will review the form, review your record to see if you meet the criteria, and email you the decision via your TCNJ email address.

Ungraded Option Policy

  • Student
AP Rejection Form Students may reject AP credit by filling out and submitting this online form via Qualtrics.
  • Student (Digital)
Audit Course Students desiring to audit courses must obtain permission from the Registrar by submitting this online form via Qualtrics.
  • Student (Digital)
Authorization to Disclose Education Information A written consent form the student signs which gives the College the right to disclose their education records to the authorized recipient.
  • Student
Change of Address and Preferred Name on PAWS Students can change their addresses and preferred name under the “Personal Information” section of the PAWS Student Center.
Change of Name Students can change their name with appropriate documentation. Names cannot be changed after graduation without a court order.
  • Student
Change of Gender Students can request a gender change to reflect legal or biological gender identity change on records with appropriate documentation.
  • Student
Undergraduate Change of Major Students must submit this form with the proper signatures when required to change their Program/Plan (Change of Major). Downloading the form will enable you to fill out the form on your computer.

Change of Major Information

*Please consult a full list of majors and specializations prior to completing the form by clicking here.*

  • Student
  • Department Chair(s)
Undergraduate Course Authorization Students may obtain advanced approval to enroll in course(s) at another college or university and ensure that if successfully completed, will be accepted for transfer credit.
  • Academic Evaluator
  • Department Chair (for Major Credit)
Replacement Diploma Request Form Students may request a replacement diploma.
  • Student
Enrollment Verification Students may request an Enrollment/ Attendance Verification Letter on PAWS. Students are encouraged to attach to the certificate the Director of Records & Registration’s letter notifying Guarantors and Lenders that the NSC serves as The College’s official agent for all degree and enrollment verifications.
Graduation Application Students can apply for Graduation on PAWS starting August 2009.
Independent Study or Independent Research Enrollment Form Students must submit this form (including a summary of the proposal) at the time of registration.
  • Student
  • Faculty Sponsor
  • Department Chair
Interdisciplinary Concentration Every TCNJ Student must complete a liberal learning breadth requirement in order to graduate. This can be done through a list of concentrations found here.
  • Student
  • Concentration Sponsor
  • Major Advisor
Application of Self-Designed Concentration Students also have the option to complete their liberal learning breadth requirement by self-designing their own interdisciplinary concentration.
  • Student
  • Major Advisor(s)
  • Coordinator for Self-Designed Concentrations
Internship Enrollment Form Students must submit this form at the time of registration.
  • Student
  • Faculty Supervisor
  • Department Chair
  • Assistant Dean
Application for Minor or Course of Study Students must submit this form at least one semester before graduation. Please consult a full list of minors and courses of study prior to completing the form. The full list can be found here. This form is a fillable PDF. If downloaded, responses can be entered directly into the PDF document.
  • Student
  • Department Chair
International Exchange Course Form Students must submit this form the semester prior to their exchange. Upon completion of your courses, an official transcript must be sent directly to our office.
  • Student
TCNJ Study Center/Domestic Off-Campus Form Students must submit this form during the semester before studying off-campus.
  • Student
New Jersey Dream Act Students who have a status of undocumented and are requesting in-state tuition rates must complete this form.
  • Student
Repeat of Course Authorization Form Student must submit this form to repeat a course after the second time at which permission is needed by corresponding departments.
  • Student
  • Department Chair (Major)
  • Department Chair (Offering)
Repeat of Course Notification Form Students must submit this form to re-calculate their GPA.
  • Student
Residency Analysis Form The College of New Jersey requests this information for the purpose of determining residence classification pursuant to New Jersey Statute 18A:62.4 (residency requirement) and N.J.S.A. 18A:62.4.1 (resident tuition for military personnel).
  • Student
Self-Designed Major Application Students interested in earning a degree in an area of study that is not currently offered by the college may propose a self-designed major. A student must have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.0 to be eligible to submit a proposal.
  • Student
  • Major Advisor (1) [Principal Mentor]
  • Major Advisor (2)
  • Department Chair (1)
  • Department Chair (2)
  • Department Chair (3)
  • Self-Designed Major Committee Chair
Special Arrangement Form This special arrangement form must be submitted directly by the academic department to the office of Records and Registration at the time of registration.
  • Student
  • Instructor
  • Department Chair
  • Assistant Dean
Student Privacy Form Students may submit this form to rescind authorization for the release of personal “Directory Information”.
  • Student
Transcript Request Form (paper)
Transcript Request Form (online)
Students may request “official” academic transcripts.
Voter Registration Application Eligible students may register to vote.
Withdrawal Request Forms:


While an advisor’s approval is not required, students are encouraged to be proactive by seeking academic advisement before withdrawing from a course or the College. Click this link for more information: Course Withdrawal

**The “College Withdrawal” and “Leave of Absence” are online-forms and should be completed by the student on a computer.


  • Student (digital)

Graduate Studies