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College Scheduler

New for Fall 2024 Registration!

College Scheduler is an efficient tool to plan and optimize your class schedule. College Scheduler generates a variety of weekly schedules to fit your needs based on criteria you input, such as desired courses, preferred sections, and work or other non-curricular break times.

Note: College Scheduler interfaces with PAWS – you can choose to complete your registration in College Scheduler, or using PAWS self-service, which will continue to be available.

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Step-by-Step Guide to College Scheduler

A screen capture of the PAWS Student Center, highlighting the "College Scheduler" button on the right-hand side.Step 1: Sign into PAWS via TCNJ Today using your TCNJ username and password. Access your PAWS Student Center, then click on “College Scheduler.” You may need to disable your browser’s pop-up blocker to allow College Scheduler to open a new browser tab.

Tip: Be sure to review your Academic Requirements Report and resolve any holds prior to registration!

A screenshot of the College Scheduler webpage, highlighting the "Add Courses" and "Add Breaks" buttons.Step 2: Select the desired enrollment term. You’ll be using the “Add Course” and “Add Break” features to build your schedule.

Optional: You can use the search filters at the top of the page to refine your course results. See more info here.


A screenshot of the "Add Courses" page in College Scheduler, highlighting where desired courses appear once they are added.Step 3: The “Add Course” feature offers multiple methods of searching for courses, including subject code and class level. Once you identify a course you’d like to take, click the “Add Course” button to include it in your desired courses. The course will then appear in the right-hand side under “Desired Courses”.

Tip: The Course Attribute search can be used to find courses that meet particular requirements, such as College Core requirements or Honors courses, see this page for more info.

A screenshot of the "Add Breaks" page in College Scheduler, showing an example of a student's break for work hours.Step 4: The “Add Break” feature allows you to block out time from your class schedule for non-class commitments, such as extracurricular activities or employment. In the example below, the student has work shifts on Mondays and Thursdays from 8:30AM to 12:30PM. College Scheduler will work around those time blocks to find suitable class schedules.
A screenshot of the College Scheduler webpage highlighting the "Generate Schedules" button.Step 5: Once your desired courses and breaks are entered, click “Generate Schedules.” College Scheduler will identify all possible combinations of class sections of your selected courses and breaks. You can begin to view and compare your possible schedules.
A screenshot of the "Potential Schedule" page in College Scheduler, highlighting the "Validate," "Send to Cart," and "Favorite" buttons.Step 6: Review potential schedules. Section information, including class details, pre-requisites, and reserved seats, is available on this page. Use the “Validate” feature to ensure all requirements are met. Use “Send to Cart” if you’d like to move forward with a particular schedule. If you’d like to favorite a schedule for later review, use the heart icon.

Tip: You can use the lock icon to lock a preferred particular class section, and re-generate schedules to show only those with that particular section.

Step 7: Once enrollment is available to you (e.g. during your enrollment appointment), navigate to your “Shopping Cart” tab and click “Register” to finalize your registration. Click “confirm” and be sure to look out for final confirmation or any registration errors that may arise.


Fall 2024 and Winter 2025 registration windows will be April 2nd-April 12th. Prepare now for your enrollment appointment! Also, learn about the NEW College Scheduler registration tool!Learn more
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