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Preparation for Registration

Initial registration for Spring 2024 and Summer 2024 will begin on November 7th 2023 and run through November 17th 2023

**Students who enroll in a Spring 2024 course December 8th, 2023 are subject to a $150 late registration fine.**

How to prepare for registration

  1. View Your Enrollment Appointment in PAWS to find out the exact date and time you can begin to register for classes.
  2. Search for Classes and Fill Your PAWS Shopping Cart before your enrollment appointment.  For more information, visit PAWS Help.
  3. Check out the College Core Search Engine to identify courses that meet Liberal Learning requirements and match your interests.
  4. Check for Requisite Issues to confirm you have met course requirements. The Validate feature in your PAWS Shopping Cart alerts you to any issues that may prevent you from enrolling.
  5. Check your PAWS Account for Holds early and frequently. Registration holds will prevent you from enrolling in your classes.
  6. Meet with your advisor to discuss appropriate course selection. Follow any scheduling instructions you receive from your advisor or department.
  7. Review Waitlist Procedures to see if waitlisting is available for a closed class section. Waitlist procedures vary according to department and are detailed on this webpage.

Course Waitlists

  • Availability and procedure for waitlisting varies by department. Information for each department is listed here.

Credit By Examination

Enrollment & Programs