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Transcript Services


Current students and former students who attended the College after 1990 may request official transcripts using the “E-transcript” method via PAWS. The National Student Clearinghouse charges a $3.50 processing fee for each Electronic Transcript requested. Please direct your transcript inquiries to

The official transcript is The College of New Jersey’s certified statement of a student’s academic record. The official transcript contains the College seal and signature of the Executive Director of Records and Registration with all enrolled courses, grades, academic term, and notations of conferred majors, minors and degrees.

  • Official Transcripts are free and sent through physical mail, but you will not receive one if you have an outstanding financial obligation to the College.
  • Official Electronic Transcripts are available to students who attended the college after 1990.
  • Unofficial Transcripts are available via PAWS and can be used for purposes such as “Good Driver Discounts” and personal reference.

Transcript request instructions:

For current TCNJ students:

  • Current students must request their transcripts through PAWS. (PAWS Navigation .pdf)
  • If you are having log-in problems or you cannot remember your login information, contact the Helpdesk at (609)771-2660.
  • For any special requests, contact the Transcript Department at (609)771-2825.
For former students (during or after the year 2000):

For former students (prior to the year 2000):

  • Students who attended prior to 2000 must either submit a Transcript Request Form, (Download Form .pdf) or complete the online Transcript Request form.
  • Completed and signed forms may be returned via fax, email attachment, or mail:
    Fax: (609)637-5184
    The Office of Records and Registration
    PO Box 7718
    Ewing NJ 08628
  • Please allow additional processing time (5-7 business days) for these transcripts.

TCNJ Transcript Keys*

*The keys provided are for reference purposes only. They are to be used as explanatory guides for the information found on The College of New Jersey’s official and unofficial transcripts. Unauthorized reproduction of these keys, for purposes other than those stated above, is prohibited.

For students attending during or after 1990
For students attending prior to 1990

Acceptance of Electronic Transcripts (e-transcripts) for Enrollment Purposes

The College of New Jersey will accept electronic transcripts for enrollment purposes if the following criteria are met regarding the transcript:

  1. The transcript is certified as official from a college using a third party agency for the certification process. Approved agencies include National Student Clearinghouse, Scrip-Safe International, Docufide/Parchment Exchange , and NJ Transfer which is maintained by the New Jersey Statewide Transfer Initiative.
  2. The transcript must be a PDF certified document (with the exception of NJ Transfer) that has no indication of tampering.
  3. A college official must receive the transcript from an approved e-transcript service. TCNJ will not accept forwarded transcripts from unaffiliated college sources unless it has been pre-approved by the respective college officials in the Office of Records and Registration or Office of Graduate Studies. Currently, these are the only two administrative offices with authority to review for acceptability.

TCNJ has the right to refuse electronic transcripts or request additional information if there is a question about the authenticity of the document.

E-Transcripts for undergraduate studies may be addressed to For graduate admissions E-Transcripts may be addressed to

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