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Ferpa 2

What are Education Records?

With limited exceptions, FERPA applies to all records about a student that are maintained by or for an educational institution. These education records encompass more than just academic records. They can include records of a student’s:

– personal information (e.g., social security or student number)

– enrollment records

– grades

– class schedules

– disciplinary records


– any formally graded work (graded by the professor), examples include: assignments, papers, exams

The storage media in which you find this information does not matter. A student education record may be:

– an official document on file in a college office

– a computer printout from an office

– a class list

– data stored in a college maintained information system

– an email message

Generally, written permission must be obtained from a student before releasing an education record with some exceptions. One exception applies to a student’s directory information.